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Empower Your Future Generations





Hello WaKanna Nation,

The decisions we make will impact our next 4 generations.  In God's book, a good man (or woman) thinks generationally.  Over the last three decades the war on drugs sought to rip apart our community as the lives of millions of minorities were destroyed because of Marijuana.  In Chicago, eighty-six percent of the convictions  related to Marijuana possession affected African-American men.  Now millions of acres of canopy are legally owned and controlled by wealthy businessmen.  Unfortunately some of the minority communities who suffered the most have been completely left out.  But you can be the change.  When we collectively come together and take a stance to get on the right side of history, we will operate in our purpose which is building a company that transforms the lives of current and future generations forever.  We believe that when you truly live in your purpose, your purpose never dies.  It becomes a legacy that keeps on giving.  When you align with WaKanna, you join a nation of like-minded people with a common goal.  

Akanna designates 1% of all of our profits to help feed children, empower women and help communities around the world.   We believe in the golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated.  Our core values that drive the heart and soul of WaKanna include Empower, Equality, Trust, Respect, and Excellence.

Akanna's purpose works to unify us in a common cause.  It is powerful because it promotes a simple idea of empowering every human being that crosses our path, by offering an opportunity to improve lives through and beyond our products and our business model.    Akanna grows by providing an opportunity to everyone, especially to those who have been impacted the most. 

Welcome home to WaKanna!


Melissa Boston
CEO, WaKanna For Life




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